Supporting the community

Employing over 200 skilled workers, Kounouz has grown to be a large family. We believe every member of our team should be treated with dignity and respect. We work hard to ensure everyone is offered a competitive wage and job, training and advancement opportunities.

We also believe our suppliers are a precious resource that we must protect. While many retailers will look to other countries for cheaper materials we choose to support Moroccan textile workers and only use local woven cotton in all our designs.

People and the environment are at the heart of Kounouz. We employ craftsmen and women who have unique skills and train young people to help preserve our Moroccan stylistic heritage. We work in close collaboration with young entrepreneurs and local women's cooperatives who make trimmings and akad buttons by hand. Two essential elements for many of our garments.

Beyond our supply chain, we are proud to donate all of our excess and waste textiles to Moroccan artisans who recycle them into Berber carpets, known as boucherouite. This way even our waste can maintain essential Moroccan traditions in our local community.

Moroccan craftsmanship

For over 2000 years our poetry, weaving, ironwork, textiles, art and architecture have shaped and reflected our Moroccan culture. These creative expressions bear the unique fingerprint of the individual artists and the regions where they are made. Around the country, different cities have different specialities. Meknes is known for exquisite embroidery, Marrakesh for the best leather, textiles and ceramics, Rabat for woven carpets and Tetouan for wood carving and pottery.

Kounouz is dedicated to the preservation of indigenous artisan skills and use traditional hand Passimenterie skills in the making of our trims, buttons and detailing. Local techniques for pattern cutting, sewing and draping are combined with international approaches to ensure our community preserves their existing expertise and continually develops new skills.

We are part of a growing network of Moroccan companies focused on ensuring the next generation can enjoy this vital historical cultural heritage long into the future. The company is the proud recipient of a special award issued by the Ministry of Handicraft and Social Economy of the Kingdom of Morocco, for “The preservation of national heritage while ensuring the development of artisanal products and particularly artisanal know-how”.


We donate all our excess and waste textiles to local women’s groups who use them to make Berber carpets also known as boucherouite. Our donations enable the community to produce and sell their products that sustain the ancient craft and enable a living wage for women facing hardship or poverty.

Away from donations we also directly support Association Maghreb Secours, a humanitarian need charity supporting the most vulnerable adults and children in Morocco. The charity is proudly independent of government, and religion and has helped improve the lives of over 50,000 people since 2015.