Sutainability Pledge

As well as striving to ensure that fair labour, health and environmental standards are met, we want to help introduce the wider global community to the easy Moroccan lifestyle.

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Kounouz Core Values


All Kounouz pieces are made with care, by expert hands using the finest materials and handmade rims.


We believe in supporting our workers, community and suppliers so they can thrive and succeed.


Historic Moroccan heritage is central to our work. We strive to preserve authentic skills and create contemporary fashions for everyone.


As a female-founded Moroccan business we are committed to empowering women everywhere to realise their dreams and ambitions.



Textile production in Morocco dates back to 1500 BC when Berbers first came to the region. ​​Berber women wove textiles used for shawls, blankets and mats before learning more specialised weaving and dyeing techniques for use in apparel.

Now, North African textiles are renowned for their quality, durability and elegance. Typically produced on smaller, family-run farms, these cottons are free of pesticides and don’t use excessive amounts of water to grow. By supporting local textile growers and only using Moroccan weavers we are supporting our indigenous cotton growers and reducing our carbon footprint.



Our modern atelier in historic Marrakech is staffed with a skilled local workforce of pattern cutters, designers and seamstresses all working together to create traditional modest Moroccan fashions with a contemporary twist. Specialist skills are passed down through families and shared across generations, and our atelier is central to the preservation and maintenance of these local skills.

As well as preserving skills, safety and security are of primary importance to us. Our atelier meets and exceeds all safety requirements and all our staff are trained to use industrial equipment. We believe luxury fashion is only truly luxurious if it is made by a skilled, safe, secure and happy workforce.



Plastic packing in the fashion industry is a serious problem. In 2016 consumers in the EU discarded 87 million tonnes of packaging waste, most of it plastic. Packaging takes up almost a third of all plastic production and only 14% is being recycled.

At Kounouz we want to be part of the solution. Every order is shipped in an especially designed, 100% biodegradable, compostable shipping bag. This protects your purchase and doesn’t contribute to landfill waste.