“Kounouz flourishes by merging Moroccan talents in craftsmanship with locally sourced materials.”

Yasmina, Founder

Founded in 2013 Kounouz has 10 stores and over 200 employees. Our enduring vision is to create a contemporary shopping experience that fuses the traditional styles of Morocco, with the refined and elevated craftsmanship known throughout the region. Only by investing in local materials, communities and skilled artisans were we able to create a new vision for Moroccan luxury fashion that offers the wearer style, modesty, exquisite detailing and timeless sophistication.

Established in historic Marrakech by Yasmina Bejjit, Kounouz is a female-founded fashion brand with sustainable responsibility at its core. All our materials are sourced locally from traditional cotton weavers and all our design and construction are completed by skilled local Moroccan artisans.

Kounouz recognises the changing values of modern shoppers and believes fashion can be a force for good. We actively strive to minimise our negative environmental impact while respecting and supporting the vital work of our skilled textile workforce and suppliers.

As well as striving to ensure that fair labour, health and environmental standards are met, we want to help introduce the wider global community to the easy Moroccan lifestyle.
We create elegant and timeless apparel for women and men who want to embrace the classic modest Moroccan way of dressing.
Regardless of your religion or beliefs, anyone can enjoy the cool comfort and easy relaxed style of Kounouz.